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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A very aggravated, slightly disappointed ELF haul

I've had this stuff for a while now, but the weather has been too cloudy to take decent photos. I made an order when the Cyber Monday sale was going on. It was a fantastic deal, but most of the things I wanted were sold out. I also experienced some rather annoying technical difficulties as well as some terrible customer service. 
I placed my order and noticed that I got two confirmation emails. I sent ELF an email telling them that I had gotten two emails and that I wanted to double check and make sure that I was not charged twice for the order. I was told that I had an order processing and that it would ship soon. So, I check my bank account, and they had charged me for the order that I had just made, which is for $19.45. They had also charged another $20 and some change. I checked my order history on the website to see what might have gone wrong, and the only order that was showing up was the one I had just made. I emailed them again explaining that I had been charged for something I did not order. I was told that I would be given a refund. I was given a $3 refund. To say the least, this aggravated me. 
When I received my package, I open it to find they they sent me two of everything I ordered and that the main thing I was placing an order for had gone out of stock and that they would be sending me a refund for those items. I still have not received a refund for the items that went out of stock. 
Not only did I receive two of everything, but some of the items were not what I expected. I ordered three of the waterproof eyeliner crayons thinking that they were going to be thinner like most eyeliners. They are between the size of a jumbo eyeshadow pencil and normal eyeliner. They also contain shimmer, which means I cannot use them on my waterline. One of the colors I got also contains rather chunky glitter and does not apply well to the eyelid or when swatched. The other two colors perform fine, but I will have to use a brush if I want to use them as an eyeliner. 

Left to right: Elf Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Midnight Rendezvous, ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Crayons in Champagne, Gunmetal, and Moss

Champagne is the color that contains the chunky glitter and has less than satisfactory color pay off. Moss has a sheen to it, and Gunmetal seems to have a slight sheen to it. Midnight Rendezvous contains rainbow shimmer. 
I don't know if I will be placing anymore orders with ELF since their customer service so poor that I am out more than $20 dollars. My guess is that the site probably glitched during the sale and charged me the extra money, but more should have been done to fix it. The fact that I have still not received the refund for the items that went out of stock is also unacceptable.


  1. I say demand a refund for the full $20! That's just not cool :(

  2. I have sent multiple emails and my boyfriend called them, and they won't do anything. It's ridiculous.