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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


You know those days that you fuck up your eyeliner, take your makeup off, redo it, fuck up two sets of lashes, say fuck it, and just slap mascara on? Yeah. I hope you enjoy :3 

Mychelle concealer in Cream
Pumpkin and Poppy Oil Absorbing Mineral Veil 
Pumpkin and Poppy cream eyeshadow in Starman
The All Natural face pigment in Angel Kissed White Gold (lid)
Scaredy Cat pigment in Orbital (outer lid)
Aromaleigh pigment in Pupils Dilated (outer crease, middle/outer lower lash line)
The All Natural Face pigment in Superbly Sublime (inner crease, inner lower lash line)
Too Faced Bouquet Toss (under brows)
The All Natural Face pigment in Iridescent Sparkle (inner corner)
Honeybee Gardens eyeliner in Blue Jeans (upper lash line)
Shiro pigment in Lingered in Twilight (upper lash line, outer lower lash line)
Milani eyeliner in Aqua (water line)
Physician's Formula Organic Wear CC Mascara 

The All Natural Face cream foundation Porcelain Kissed by Honey
Mychelle concealer in Cream 
Oh Sudz concealer in Light Yellow
The All Natural Face powder concealer in Salmon
Honeybee Gardens powder foundation in Geisha 
The Conservatorie mineral bronzer in Passion

Brija lip pencil in Unfortunate Souls 

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