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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quick Tip: Exfoliating

As I'm sure you know since I say this all the time, I have very dry skin. Being that it's winter, my skin is even dryer and requires regular exfoliation. While the exfoliating scrub that I use is not drying, it's not exactly moisturizing either, and I really need everything I use this time of year to be at least somewhat moisturizing. My solution has been to mix a small amount of my Selma Hayek walnut scrub with my Yes To Cucumbers Gentle Cleansing Milk. This provides me with an extra gentle exfoliating scrub that leaves my skin very smooth and feeling moisturized. This could also be useful if you have a scrub that you find to be a little too harsh. Mixing it with your cleanser should diffuse it a little and make it less harsh.
I just wanted to share this tip, because it's been helping me a lot lately! I hope everyone is having a great week and that you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. My sister just got me a salt scrub tonight because my skin is so dry lately it hurts. My clarisonic has been helping my facial skin.

    1. My Clarisonic absolutely tore up the skin on my cheeks and temples. That's why I have so much redness now. It's improved a ton since I stopped using it. I wish I could use it without it doing that. I also have some broken capillaries from using it. Now I have a Clarisonic sitting in my bathroom doing nothing. My skin gets so dry it hurts, too. I have been using the Alba Botanica Natural Even Advanced Sea Plus Renewal Night Cream. It's helping correct some of the redness and hydrates my skin beautifully.