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Friday, November 8, 2013

Updated Hair Care Routine for Tailbone Length Hair

Things have changed since I did my last hair care routine. I've made a huge switch to natural products, and my hair has gotten a little longer. I'm almost sitting on it, and I have to be careful it doesn't go into the toilet when I'm in the bathroom O_o
In any case, the products I use have changed so, I wanted to share with you what has been working for me! All these products are natural and cruelty free. I also think at least most of them are vegan :3 
The shampoo I use now is from Sweet Creek Herbal Care. This etsy shop has SO many products with SO many different variants of each product. I use the Vegan Herbal Shampoo Soap in the unscented/apple cider vinegar option. This shampoo bar lathers really nicely, and has a very basic ingredient list. It's so hard to find shampoos without harmful ingredients that lather well, and when you have as much hair as I do, it makes it much easier to have a shampoo that lathers. I have had the same bar of shampoo for several months now, and I have well over half the bar left. I just get the bar wet and then rub it over my hair to distribute the product. 
With most shampoo bars, you will need to use a vinegar rinse to restore the PH in your hair. I have just been using store brand apple cider vinegar, but when I have gone through that I will be getting an organic apple cider vinegar from Vitacost. After I've used my shampoo bar, I put a small amount in a plastic cup that I keep in the shower. I don't really measure this amount, because just had to figure out how much I need for my hair. If you use too much your hair might get a little stringy so, less is more. After rinsing out the vinegar, I towel dry my hair lightly and apply a small amount of argan oil from the ends of my hair towards the top. Right now I'm using one my mom gave me from Josie Maran, but when I get through that, I'm probably going to order an Aura Cacia one from Vitacost.
I have still been loving my Tangle Teaser. I run that through my hair and then wad my massive nest of hair up into a towel. The nights I wash my hair usually end up being the nights I apply lotions so, I do that and then by that time my hair is not wet enough to wet my shirt a wet, cold, freezing nightmare. =D 
I think that's about it so, if you have any questions feel free to ask me =D


  1. I love this method :) I have been doing the ACV rinse for a while, but I got the Sweet Creek shampoo bars after I saw them in your haul a while back. I got the sample pack. One of each scent. I am trying to decide which I like best. My hair is SO SOFT after doing this. I usually do a coconut oil treatment once every 2 weeks or so. If i put oil in it every day it gets gunky.

    1. Since my hair is so long I can get away with putting just a bit of oil on the ends every day. I decided to try jojoba oil instead of getting more argan oil. You'll see that in a vitacost haul soon. I'm glad you like the shampoo bars.