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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Makeup Highlights of 2012 TAG!

I was tagged to do this by the wonderful Brianna. She has a natural beauty blog and YouTube channel. I highly recommend everyone check her out! 

1. Which makeup brand stood out to you most in 2012? Drugstore and High End. 
My "drugstore" pick is going to have to be Pumpkin and Poppy. (If you've been following me, you probably knew I was going to say that.) Pumpkin and Poppy products are always fabulous. Her eyeshadow shades are always beautiful, complex, and amazing quality. She also has fantastic cream products. For high end, I would say Too Faced has really impressed me. They have amazing eyeshadows that blend well and are very pigmented, and their bronzer is super blendable. I really want to get more of the eyeshadow palettes this year.

2. Best new discovery of 2012? 
Tarte Maracuja Creaseless concealer. It's saved me from looking dry and cakey under my eyes this winter. I hate the dry look more than anything, and since I have dry skin, I face this problem often if I'm not using the right products.

3. Best re-discovery, a product you fall in love with over and over again? 
I'm not sure how well I can answer this since I've only been  wearing makeup a little over a year now. I'm going to have to say the ELF Studio Blush in Twinkle Pink. 

4. Best seasonal product of 2012? Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall
Winter: Cowgirl Dirt Southern Belle Cream foundation. This product is great for dry skin and does not move during the day. Spring: Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara. This was my favorite mascara during the Springtime. Summer: 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation with Super Fruits. Great foundation for summer. It doesn't budge even in hot, muggy weather and gives fantastic coverage. Fall: The One Ring collection from Pumpkin and Poppy. I used that collection all during fall, and I still love it. I'm so glad she's made it permanent. 

5. Best and worst limited edition collections of 2012? Drugstore and High End
Best "drugstore" would have to be Pumpkin and Poppy's One Ring Collection. I don't really follow high end collections, and I don't have a worst drugstore collection.

6. Most regretted purchase of 2012? 
Probably the last bit of ELF products I hauled. I was very disappointed with some of the things I bought, and the customer service was just terrible.

7. YouTube and Beauty highlights of 2012?
Since I don't have a channel, I'm going to say that my YouTube highlight of 2012 was finding some fabulous girls on there that have the same passion for cruelty free makeup that I do. A beauty highlight was that I learned that I needed to use things that really work for me instead of products I just really WANT to work for me.

8. What is your favorite/best video on your own channel? 
I don't have a channel, but my favorite post was probably recreate of Grace's silver, glitter, and plum smokey eye.

9. Best recommendations of 2012 from someone else?
100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. Grace has been raving about this product for months, and for good reason! So glad I bought this. 

10. Best makeup tool of 2012?
Real Techniques brushes! Love them.

11. What products are you excited to try in 2013? 
I'm hoping that Pumpkin and Poppy will be able to do cream foundations this year. I also want to try more indie brands. 

12. Will you do a makeup collection in 2013 or an updated video? 
Since I don't have a channel, probably not. 

Thank you for reading! I would love to know what your makeup highlights of 2012 were. I also want to tag:


  1. Yay!! Love that you did the tag! My under eyes are the same way - the concealer needs to be top notch in order to not look cakey and dry and yuck! I first found you from your pumpkin and poppy posts! I'm LOVING my ice dance cream shadow I got last week despite the fact it creases on me :( I'm just obsessed with the color! Btw do you have a twitter?!

  2. If you have a translucent powder, you could try setting the cream shadow with that. It may not cut out the creasing entirely, but it should help. I typically use cream shadows as bases. I do have a twitter, but I never get on there.