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Monday, May 20, 2013

Silk Naturals Cream Eyeliner Swatches

I had a request for swatches of the Silk Naturals Cream Eyeliner palette (cough, cough Brianna =D) so, I snatched up some sunshine while I could and took some photos. I will be giving a full review of this product soon on my YouTube channel. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! 

Left to Right: Midnight, Ft. Knox, Peacock
Mahogany, Espresso, Amythest

Left to right: Film Noir, Envy, Tarnish


  1. oooooh those are lovely looking! can wait to see your yt video review. cream shadows ALWAYS crease with me because i have a deep socket and slightly hooded eyes at the same time. pfffff.

    1. My eyes are hooded, too. It can get annoying! Try putting a translucent powder under the cream shadows. It helps me a lot.

  2. they ALL look absolutely beautiful, thanks for the swatches :)