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Monday, October 22, 2012

25 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged by Dani from Daniellelovesglitter to do this tag! I hope you all enjoy. =) 

  1. When I eat, I eat one thing at a time. I also rotate my plate as I get done with each thing.
  2. I did not get into makeup until November of last year. I was looking up hair tutorials and discovered the Youtube beauty comunity.
  3. I hate the sun. If I did not have a daughter, I would be completely nocturnal. 
  4. I am a huge fan of books (mostly fantasy.) When I was in school I read at least two books a week and somehow still managed to make A's.
  5. When I find a tv show/anime series I like, I will watch it non-stop until I am done with it if all the episodes are available. This drives my boyfriend crazy.
  6. I have an extreme fascination with dragons.
  7. Before I had my daughter, I was never phased by horror movies or anything graphic. Now, I am a big wimp, although I enjoy horror movies as long as children aren't involved.
  8. I have an extremely high pain tolerance. I sat through a 3 hour tattoo session without a break with no problems.
  9. I nickname all my friends after animals. My boyfriend is Fox. I also have friends that I call Panda (this is also my nickname), Polar Bear, Koala, and Bunny (my bother.)
  10. I have to sleep with a fan on, and I prefer to sleep when it's cold.
  11. I can't stand for my house to stay one way for too long. I have to rearrange regularly or I start to feel sad.
  12. I really enjoy thunderstorms.
  13. I have a hard time letting go of old friends whom I don't need in my life anymore or who I just grew apart from.
  14. I have zero patience for people who will not help themselves.
  15. I am often called cold-hearted, because I have a hard time showing emotion. I am more logical that emotional, but I am far from cold-hearted.
  16. My dad looks just like the dude with the handle bar mustache from the Chopper show. We have been stopped because he's been asked for an autograph multiple times.
  17. When I was younger, my dad and I would watch surgery shows on the Discovery Channel. We also watched shows about embalming and other such creepy things. We still watch the Twilight show every year when the marathon comes on.
  18. I am fascinated by the inner workings of the minds of serial killers. I very much enjoy the ID channel.
  19. I still cry when I read The Giving Tree.
  20. I am slightly obsessive compulsive.
  21. I have been rescuing animals since I was around 10. U have nursed birds, cats, dogs, snakes, and just about anything you can think of back to health.
  22. When I was 3 I could carry around multiple encyclopedias. I have always been very strong. I beat the guys in my grade at arm wrestling until we were sophomores in high school.
  23. I hate driving unless it's a place I'm very familiar with.
  24. My mom wanted to name me Summer Storm, but my dad didn't like it.
  25. I have always been extremely shy. When I was little, I would cry when I had to have my photo taken or participate in any school or church program.
Thank you for tagging me Dani! I tag cosmeticcouturier, veggiebeauty, NYCGeorgette, SincerelySarai, and anyone else who wants to do it! 
Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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