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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Love Fall Tag

  1. Favorite Fall Lip Product? This would have to be my OCC Lip Tar in Lydia. It's a fantastic fall color. 
  2. Favorite Fall Nail Polish? I haven't been wearing nail polish lately, because I absolutely cannot stand the smell, and my nails peel and break if I wear it. I have my eyes on Storm from the new Zoya fall collection. I've been waiting to try Zoya polishes, because I've heard the smell isn't as obnoxious and they're not as bad for your nails. 
  3. Favorite Starbucks fall drink? I actually had a pumpkin spice latte for the first time this year tonight at my local coffee shop. I hate to be cliche, but that's my favorite!
  4. Favorite Fall Candle? I don't have one. I am scared to keep candles in my house, because I don't want to burn my house down. I am extremely scatter-brained >.< 
  5. Favorite Fall Scarf or Accessory? I'm gonna have to say the scarf my mother-in-law crocheted me last year. I looooove it. 
  6. Haunted House, Haunted Hay Ride, or Haunted Corn Maze? All of the above. If I had to choose one, it would be the haunted house.
  7. Favorite Halloween movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas. I watch it every single year with my sister. 
  8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween? I'm going to have to agree with the lovely Dani. Reese's cups!\
  9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? A panda! I was a panda a couple of years ago, but since I don't have the funds or time to think of a new idea, I'm going to be a "sexy panda" this year. I'm going to wear a black and white smokey eye with some sexy false lashes =D
  10. What is your favorite thing about Fall? The cooler weather and the colors. I hate warm weather. I love crisp air and cool breezes. 
I tag cosmeticcouturier, NYC Georgette, SincerelySariaC, veggiebeauty, LoolaLoves, and YOU! Yes, you!

Thank you to Dani from Daniellelovesglitter for tagging me!

I hope you have a a great, SAFE Halloween! 


  1. I so love blog tags! LOL. Isn't the pumpkin spice latte amazing????

    1. Yesssssss. I am starting to become fond of them! Being tagged makes me feel like I'm actually part of the blogger community =)