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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

White Rabbit Beauty

I just received some samples I ordered from White Rabbit Beauty and decided that I would do a quick post about this company. 
This is a website that has all cruelty free products. They offer very generous samples at a ridiculously low price so that you can try things before you buy them. 
When you purchase from White Rabbit Beauty, a portion of your purchase goes to two charities that you choose from the options available. 
The shipping is free for makeup items and very low for skin care.
The thing that really made me want to write this is that Jean, the owner, includes sweet little notes with the orders. I ordered two foundation samples, which totaled up to six dollars including shipping, and she still was kind enough to include a note.

"Hi Andrea,
 I hope you find a good match with the samples.
Happy Autumn!

I just thought this was so thoughtful and sweet. Definitely go check out

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