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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shiro Cosmetics Overview and Swatches

I learned of Shiro Cosmetics through a blog post A Bit Prissy did featuring some products from a collection based off of the anime Full Metal Alchemist. I was immediately intrigued, because I am a huge fan of anime. I immediately headed over to the website to discover that not only was there a Full Metal Alchemist collection, but there was a LEGEND OF ZELDA COLLECTION. I am a HUGE gamer. One could call me a nerd. My all time favorite games are the Legend of Zelda games. They have been since I picked up an SNES controller and started A Link to the Past. I actually have a massive tattoo on my leg of the Hylian Crest. As can be expected, when I saw that collection I had a bit of a spazz moment. There was dancing involved. 
I decided to purchase two colors from the Full Metal collection and one color from the Legends collection. I WILL be getting more products from her, as I am very pleased with what I purchased.

Master Sword is a very sparkly pale taupe. 

Housewife is a pale greige with a shimmery finish. 

Equivalent Exchange is a dark, slightly blue toned purple with bright purple sparkles. 

Top to Bottom: Equivalent Exchange, Housewife, Master Sword

Left to Right: Master Sword, Housewife, Equivalent Exchange

All of these colors are extremely pigmented and swatched beautifully on my skin without any primer. 
You can get samples of these colors for $1.00, a small size (1 gram) for $3.50, or a full size (2 grams) for $5.00. When I received my order, she had even included a box of nerds and another little candy thing for Halloween. I thought that was sweet. No pun intended. 
She also included two samples:
 Epona is a soft brown with a cream overlay, and Chimera is a tarnished gold and silver shimmer over a blackened background.
Left to right: Chimera, Epona

Top to bottom: Epona, Chimera

**All products purchased by me. I am not sponsored or a affiliated with Shiro Cosmetics.**

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