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Friday, September 7, 2012

Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Overview/Thrifty idea

I am a huge believer in organization. I am also a huge believer in saving money. I wanted to have a nice way to keep my pan eye shadows together without having to break the bank on a fancy empty palette. I found my solution in the ELF Elements custom eye palettes. I ordered five of these with an ELF order that I made a while back. They are a dollar a pop and come with a large mirror, a dual ended shadow/lip gloss applicator, and have four spaces to place eyeshadow pans. The only qualm I have is that the bottom of this palette is not magnetic, meaning I had to order a strip of magnet online and use that to keep the pans in place. I don't think it's a huge inconvenience, though, considering the palettes are only one dollar.

As far as the Makeup Geek shadows are concerned, I have four at present. These eyeshadows are the same size as a MAC shadow, (1.8 grams) and are available in just the pan for $5.99 or in a compact for $7.99. I bought just the pans since they are cheaper, and I had already bought the ELF palettes for such a purpose. 
Top left: Fairy Tale; Top right: Purple Rain; Bottom left: Shimma Shimma; Bottom right: Moondust
Top to Bottom: Purple Rain, Fairy Tale, Moondust, Shimma Shimma
Of the four colors I have, two are matte(Purple Rain and Fairy Tale) and two are shimmery(Shimma Shimma and Moondust).  I have to say that the two shimmery shades perform much better swatched and on the eye than the matte ones do. Shimma Shimma and Moondust are both very pigmented, blend well, and have good staying power however, Purple Rain and Fairy Tale are less pigmented, don't blend as well, and faded considerably throughout the day. The matte shades perform better on the eye than swatched and were buildable, but I still was not too impressed with how they worked. Of the two matte shades, Fairy Tale had the best color pay off and held up better on the eye. Purple rain requires a lot of work to apply and blend and is not very pigmented. I had to really work with it to get a decent swatch of it to show the color. This is a real shame, because the colors are beautiful. I would very much like to see the formula of these shades improved.
I will say that the Shimma Shimma and Moondust perform very well. They both have great pigmentation, are easily blended, and I do not have any fading with these two shades. I also did not experience any fallout with any of these eye shadows, which is a huge plus for those of you who like to do your face makeup before you do your eye makeup. I recommend Shimma Shimma and Moondust to those of you who love versatile, neutral shadows. I really enjoy these two shades.
As for Purple Rain and Fairy Tale, I cannot recommend them. I don't necessarily think that the performance of these speaks for the rest of the matte shades, as it is difficult to find a really good matte purple shadow. I have seen great reviews on other matte shades from this brand. Makeup Geek offers a wide variety of colors, and I think there's a color there for everyone. 

FTC: All products were purchased by me. This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.

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