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Friday, September 14, 2012

Pumpkin and Poppy Eye Shadow Collection with Swatches!

Pumpkin and Poppy has quickly become my favorite cosmetic brand. I was introduced to Pumpkin and Poppy when Grace (cosmeticcouturier) did a look using the Into The Labyrinth collection in spring of 2011. I was immediately intrigued, because the collection was based off of one of my all time favorite movies, Jim Henson's Labyrinth. We won't go into my obsession with this movie, but I HAD to have some of the colors from that collection.
For as long as I have been following VeggieBeauty (creator of Pumpkin and Poppy) and her cosmetic line, she has always asked for input from her customers. "What would you guys like to see?" She genuinely cares for her customers and values all opinions. If you follow her Facebook page, you will see that she involves us in so much of her work. It's truly wonderful, and I've come to think of her as a friend over the last year and a half. Another hugely important thing to me is that she is vegan and is dedicated to creating beautiful cosmetics without harming animals in any way. Her dedication to her veganism and her compassion for animals makes it very easy for me to trust that she will always be cruelty free. I will never have to worry about her selling out to China or doing anything else that would mean her products would cause an animal suffering.
At present, I have ten of her lovely eye shadows so, I will stop the mushy blabber and get on with the swatches.

I Put a Spell On You
 The I Put a Spell On You collection is based on the film Hocus Pocus. This collection is one of two Halloween collections that have recently released this year.

Garden of Magic

Garden of Magic is a grey/purple/mauve with color shifting mica that shift from blue, to purple, and then to orange. This color makes a fantastic lid color as well as a great all over the lid color, as it adds dimension to the crease whilst brightening the lid. That's another awesome thing about Pumpkin and Poppy eye shadows, every shadow is so interesting and dimensional.

I Put a Spell On You

This is an emerald green with purple, copper, and emerald shimmer. I love using the color in the crease or all over the lid for a quick, interesting smokey look. this also pairs well with Garden of Magic.

Once Bitten
 Once Bitten is the other Halloween collection that Pumpkin and Poppy has released this year. This collection is based on Interview with a Vampire. She took inspiration from both the book and the film, which I am very pleased with. I only have one of the items from this collection, but here it is! (Please excuse the messy state of this product. It's very hot where I live, and I was not aware that it had arrived. I have no idea how long it sat outside >.>)
This is a golden-olive cream shadow. I LOVE this. It does not crease, and makes a beautiful base color. I also like to wear it on my lid and just set it with a tiny bit of translucent powder. 

Into the Labyrinth 
This collection is based on Jim Henson's The Labyrinth, and was the first collection I purchased from. Luckily the colors I have have been made permanent so, you can still scoop them up! 
Between the Stars

This is a metallic white-gold with gold holographic glitter. It makes a fantastic inner corner and brow bone highlight. I also think it would make a lovely lid color.

Furry Friend
This is a medium warm brown with orange duochrome and red/copper shimmer. I love using this color with golds and champagnes. It's also a good all over the lid color on days when I am in a hurry, but I still want to bring out my eye color. 

Arabian Nights
This is a vibrant collection that is full or color and based on Disney's Aladdin. Again, I only have one color from this collection, but VeggieBeauty decided to make everything in the collection permanent. I definitely plan on getting more.

Three Wishes
  This is an antiqued, coppery gold with copper shimmer. On days that I want to wear gold, this is the gold I wear. I love this color. It's great on when used just on the lid and also as an all over lid color. 

Frankly Scarlet
This collection is based on Gone with the Wind. Not all of the colors in the collection are still available, but the color I have is. I believe there is one other from the collection still available. 

This is a dusty pink/silver/beige. I included this eye shadow in my July/August favorites. This color is probably the most versatile of all the colors I am mentioning. It can go well with so many different colors as well and can look so different depending on what colors you use it with. It also stands very well on it's own as an all over lid color. 

Au Naturel Neutral Collection (and another permanent shade)
This collection is pretty self explanatory.  This line is permanently available and features many lovely, wearable shades. I also threw in another shadow that is a neutral and permanent. 

Notre Dame
Notre Dame is a taupe brown with gold undertones. This color is supposed to be similar to satin taupe by MAC. This is a favorite crease color of mine. I have also used it all over the lid.

This is a matte taupe. I get a TON of use out of this color. It was also in my July/August favorites. This pairs really with Melanie and is a staple in my collection. 

In the Buff
This is a matte beige with a pearl sheen, and it's another staple in my collection. It pairs really well with warm browns and is also a great all over the lid color. I used this with Furry Friend in my last FOTD. 

I hope you've not become bored by now. I plan on doing another post like this with all the Pumpkin and Poppy face products I have in the near future. I hope you all have a GREAT weekend.

Left to right: Garden of Magic, Melanie, Between the Stars, In the Buff, Three Wishes

Left to right: Furry Friend, Notre Dame, Riviera, I Put a Spell On You

All colors swatched with no primer and using natural day light.

FTC: All products were purchased by me. This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.

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